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I’ve been hearing so many things coming up in the world these days and things around here locally in San Diego. I thought it’d be a really good idea to do a really important topic on Sick Care versus Wellness Care. A lot of people think they understand the difference between sick care and wellness care. But I want to really focus on the specifics of each one to make sure that you know exactly what is going on in sick and wellness care and the things that you can do to protect yourself. We are living in this incredible amount of fear, not only from the specific virus but from what’s going to happen to us. Is it better to be in the sick care model or wellness care? Even in your diabetes, do you think you’re in the wellness care model?

I want to give you some options of what you can do right now to protect yourself and make sure that you and your family are safe over the holidays over this type of season. What’s really going on like an epidemic right now in the state of our country, and locally as well?  I really just want to give a quick testimonial of another one of our patients recently, who had an amazing job. When they first came to our office, they were taking multiple different types of medications as a diabetic patient; very unhealthy, just complaining about being tired all the time, not sleeping well, not feeling right, and things are just not going in the right direction. We’ve been working with this person for the last two months, and we’ve read some new testing on them. 

Just recently, it was pretty incredible. Their hemoglobin came down from an eight all the way down to the low sixes. They’ve already reduced half their medications. So they were taking three different types of medications, they’re off one of them, the second one, they’re halfway off of at this point. So they’re starting to have more energy, they’re starting to sleep better, and this individual is just incredibly coming out of their space now and just feeling so much better. These are the types of things that we see happen every day in our office. We rarely ever see a patient fall. Again, we work with multiple types of conditions; Type-2 Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions, Autoimmune Diseases, and Cognitive Decline which dimension Alzheimers. 

What many people believe is that they are doing things right now to keep themselves healthy and well. And they base that off of how they feel. So if somebody feels good, they say I’m healthy. Well, unfortunately, that is a bad way of looking at things. When your car is not working properly, the check engine light comes on. Now you can take a look at that check engine light and just cover that with tape. But the reality is your car’s going to get worse over time. Your car can still get from point A to point B, right? Maybe not as efficient, maybe it’s a little sluggish. But it can still do that, while our bodies are the same way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t become a problem until we get symptomatic. 

If we use the same example when your car becomes symptomatic, it’s breaking down. Well, your body’s the same way when symptoms start to happen. It’s already broken down and the problems are already there. We judge the way we feel based upon our health.  See, most of us are in the sick care mindset. This is what we’re being bombarded with all the commercials that you see. Tons of pharmaceutical commercials are telling us that we must be healthy unless we have symptoms like fever or sore throat.” But we know that there are people who aren’t experiencing any symptoms yet they’re still carriers of these types of viruses. This is why I think it’s so important to understand the difference between sick care and wellness care. So let’s talk about that. So let’s go over some examples.

Sick care would be things like symptoms such as headache, fever, runny nose, feeling crummy, high blood pressure, low blood pressure,  or increased blood sugars. Things like pain are a symptom but it could also be something like a fracture or a broken bone. It can be bleeding internally and those sorts of things. Now, if you’re having these sorts of symptoms right now, you’re in this sick care model. So we’ve got to do everything we can to reduce those symptoms, to get those symptoms away from it, and to get your body into a better state. But what happens when these symptoms go away? Most people believe that when the symptoms go away, they’re already healthy. That’s not true because whatever got you to this point is still there. If someone has a broken bone and gets surgery, he still has to do things afterward to maintain healthiness.

The same thing happens in regards to all other types of things like chronic degenerative diseases. If you ask your doctor, how long are you supposed to take these medications, they’re gonna tell you for the rest of your life. What do you mean for the rest of your life? No. It just means that they’re not truly understanding what’s really going on and what’s causing the problem. These symptoms are all coming from something. So we have to first eliminate the symptoms. Maybe it’s with a pharmaceutical, maybe it’s with some work at the emergency room, whatever it might be, we have to get past these components. But then once that’s done, then we start to go into the next step of this healing process, which is wellness. 

Wellness care is ongoing, you never stop feeling and doing things for your body to stay well. So once those symptoms go away, we have to understand what is causing those symptoms. Sick care is an emergency state and wellness is getting your body back to being healthy. So if you go into the hospital because you had a heart attack, you go in, they patch you all backup, and then you leave the hospital because they’re saying you’re now stable. If your mindset is “I’m good. Now I am healthy,” because you don’t have those symptoms, you’re not being told or not thinking properly. Whatever caused the heart attack is still happening in your body. You have to find a wellness doctor that can run the right tests to analyze you comprehensively to find out what is causing the problem. 

If you don’t look for the cause, you’re never going to find the cause, which means you’re never gonna treat the cause. And you’re going to stay in this sick care model; going up and down, up and down, while your quality of life continues to decrease over time until things get really bad. And now you’re in a major state. Are you getting comprehensively analyzed every single year? Are you only running basic testing measures that health care providers want you to run? Or are you going to be living in sick care for the rest of your life and hoping and praying that everything stays well? This type of mindset, the wellness mindset, is not just about eating properly or taking supplements but truly digging in to see if your body is healthy and what it specifically needs. 

When you’re looking for a cause, it’s easy to understand what needs to be customized because customized treatments or customized protocols are the key factors. We all can go on to Dr. Google and start searching for things about what we’re experiencing. “I’ve got joint pain, I’ve got GI problems, I’ve got headaches, I’ve got hormonal issues,” But that’s no customization. In my opinion, it’s no different than sick care. You’re using supplements or wellness models to treat the symptoms of a problem. You’re never really getting to the cause of what’s really going on to create customized treatments to stay in this wellness model. So where are you right now? Are you in the mindset of just trying to hope and pray these things don’t happen to me? Or are you taking a proactive approach? Now is when we need to be taking care of our health. 

Right now, we are truly seeing the vulnerability of human beings when they are not optimized in a healing capacity. Of course, things may happen to someone. There are people walking down the road right now that are “healthy.” They exercise, they eat properly, they do all the things you’re supposed to be doing. But boom, they have a heart attack. No one has a heart attack for no reason that just means that the person was probably living in that sick care model and they were never truly analyzed. Was their body fully functioning optimally or not? Look at those NASCAR drivers, they’re always trying to optimize their cars to get the most speed, the fastest lap, and everything else. Are you doing the same thing for your body? 

If you’re doing this on your own, you can’t do it on your own. I’m in this every single day but I cannot take care of myself. If I ever run any kind of labs on myself, I’m sending them out to someone else to read because I can’t be my own doctor. Neither can you. You can’t do this on your own. You need professional help. It may be someone else. Please look out and seek out someone who can help you live at this optimal level. There are things you can do right now to protect yourself from these types of viruses or whatever because there will be more. We’re all going to have some vulnerability unless we take care of our health. What is it specifically? How should you be eating? Are there supplements that you should be taking for yourself to optimize your body? 

Do you want to continue living in sick care? Or do you want to continue living in wellness and take control of your health, not the mercy and waiting for someone else to take care of you? One of the reasons why we have such a poor functioning healthy society is because many people believe that the medical system is going to keep them healthy and alive. Pharmaceutical drugs may keep you alive, but they’re not going to keep you healthy. So the only way you can do that is to control this on your own. And you need to make sure you are seeking out the right individuals to give you the right information. If you’re only going to rely on pharmaceutical drugs, you’re going to stand on sick care. And if something happens, it wasn’t an accident. It’s because you didn’t take care of yourself. 

We have an obligation to handle our own life and health. Imagine if our health insurance was like car insurance. And if we didn’t use it, we got further discounts. But think about it, we are so reliant on our health insurance, and how I’m reliant on that on the medical system. This is why we’re getting overburdened with our hospitals and everything. Because people have not taken their health into their own hands and are doing what’s right. We have to start looking at this model, really focusing on what I can do today, and not what someone else is going to do for me to get me healthy. It has to come from within you. There’s no one who’s going to force you to do anything. 

Make the choices and changes today. The holidays don’t matter. It’s just another day. Of course, we want to spend time with our family and our loved ones. What can you do today to start making some changes? The first step is six inches between your ears. Because that’s the first step of making a choice and saying, “I’m going to do this not just for today, not just for tomorrow,” but for the rest of your life. It has to be a lifestyle change. We’re not all going to be perfect, but the things you do today will pay dividends into the future of what your life is going to be like. This is the reason why we get such amazing results with our patients. We teach our patients what to do, not only for today but for the rest of their life. Check our page for more info!

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