Traditional Medicine Vs. Functional Medicine: What You Need to Know

Traditional medicine versus functional medicine - have you ever wondered what the differences are?

Through the years, I’ve worked to propel my career and the Integrative Wellness Center of San Diego through the principles of true healing and to help my patients with exceptional corrective care and educate them on healthy and functional lifestyles. Through this treatment and education, I seek to support the patient’s health and well-being for the rest of their lives.

I follow the functional medicine model.

If you’re new here, you might not be familiar with what exactly that means.

It’s true - there’s a lot of inaccurate information out there about functional medicine.

That’s why I’m excited for this opportunity to clear the air and share with you the facts.

You’ll find some of the key differences between traditional and functional medicine in this blog. 

Keep reading to find out more! 

Functional medicine … what’s the difference?


When a medical issue arises, and you choose to go to a practitioner of traditional medicine, it’s common practice that they will decide to treat your symptoms. 

Look at it this way - if your ankle is swollen, they may give you an anti-inflammatory medication. 

A functional medicine physician desires to comprehend why your ankle is swollen in the first place and determine what’s causing the swelling to occur. 

I hope this example gives you a bit more of an understanding of the difference I’m explaining. 

Functional medicine seeks to find the underlying cause that can trigger many conditions and symptoms. 

The Traditional Model Road Map

Here’s the usual path a person takes when meeting with their traditional medicine doctor:

  1. Take a trip to visit your doctor
  2. Explain your symptoms to the doctor
  3. Based on this conversation, a treatment will be determined 
  4. In most cases, a pharmaceutical will be prescribed


Unfortunately, the disease most often persists.

Functional Model Road Map

Here’s the path a person takes when meeting with a functional medicine doctor:

  1. Take a trip to visit your functional medicine clinic
  2. Your functional medicine doctor asks many questions to find the root cause
  3. Work with the patient to create a customized treatment plan 
  4. In most cases, a diet change, supplement, and holistic method will be prescribed

Because the root cause has been addressed, the body heals, and the disease is reversed.

Now that I’ve explained that further, are you noticing some gaps in the Traditional Medicine Model?

If you’re interested in diving deeper, watch my latest video, where I further explain this topic.

Functional medicine seeks to prevent disease in the first place. 


Using low-risk intervention, my goal is to help your body heal at the foundational and cellular levels. 

This allows functional medicine to actually reverse the triggers of the disease.

Every person is unique and complex. I look at more than just their symptoms. Some questions I’ll ask to get to the root of your disease:

  • Are you under a lot of stress, and what are your coping mechanisms?
  • Can you tell me about your family history?
  • What is your diet and exercise regiment?


Everyone is unique. This is why the functional medicine approach looks at the whole person and doesn’t utilize a cookie-cutter solution to the disease.

If you have the same diagnosis as someone else, you may have a completely different treatment plan than that person. That’s because this approach customizes treatment and creates a plan that is tailored to you.

I work with Diabetes and Thyroid patients every day using the functional medicine model. As a result, I can share real-life success stories with you, proving that this model works.

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Don’t wait for a second longer and continue only to treat your symptoms through traditional medicine.

Functional medicine has transformed the lives of so many of my patients and given them their lives back.

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