Are you or a loved one suffering from cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease?

Did you know…

You Can Reclaim Your Memory From Cognitive Decline and Certain Stages of Alzheimer’s

Discover an innovative, research-based and clinically validated approach that is helping patients suffering from cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s overcome their conditions.

Start reclaiming the essence of what makes you human— your brain function!

Imagine how the quality of you and your family’s lives would improve if you:

  • Could retain information and be as productive as you once were.

  • No longer felt burdened by the constant fear of looming progressive memory loss and cognitive decline.

  • Could avoid the heartbreak of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

  • Could reclaim and retain your mental function and independence – while avoiding assisted living facilities.


Wouldn’t it be nice to discover what is making your brain sick, so that you can work towards reestablishing normal brain function?

New research and clinical results are indicating that…


Avoid default, one-size-fits-all treatments! You are an individual, and you deserve to be treated as such. You deserve the most current and cutting-edge treatments available.

If your doctor has told you…

“It’s genetic. There’s really no way out and you should get your affairs in order.”

“Your only treatment options are risky and poorly understood pharmaceutical approaches.”

“This condition will progressively get worse and there is no possibility of treating it.”

Alzheimer's Doctor San Diego

It’s time to discover a safe and cutting-edge approach for patients with cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s do not have to be death sentences.

The current approach to treating these conditions is often futile, very risky and almost never addresses the root cause(s) for each individual.

The traditional drug therapy approach, which is often effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms, has shown to be quite limiting — if not totally ineffective — for these very complex and devastating health issues.

You’re likely in the dark.

It takes several years for new research to make it into mainstream practice.

Our mission is to shed light on the most cutting-edge and successful approaches that help patients actually recover from cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

A Recipe for Long-Term Disaster

Alzheimer’s disease is on a fast track to becoming the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

Doing nothing, or accepting the status quo, almost completely ensures a poor quality of life for you and your loved ones – and unfortunately, will even lead to an untimely death.

Upon diagnosis, many patients are simply told to, “get their affairs in order.”


It doesn’t have to be this way!

“An original publication in 2014 showed that 9 out of 10 Alzheimer’s patients being treated with this clinical model showed significant signs of reversal. There are now hundreds of patients who have been treated with this new clinical approach, and a healthy majority are seeing remarkable reversals of the condition. Many have been able to go back to work, become independent again, and leave assisted living facilities.”

– Dr. Ruben Valdes, D.C.

There is HOPE.

New research and clinical results are showing that cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease can be successfully treated in a significant percentage of the patient population.

Our clinical approach to supporting patients with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease is radically different.

Let go of the limiting beliefs about your brain function you’ve held up until this point – defy the odds and heal!

You may be able to:

  • Overcome your cognitive decline.

  • Recover from Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Retain information and be as productive as you once were.

  • Recover and retain your mental function and regain complete independence.

  • Avoid having to live in assisted living facilities.

  • Rid yourself of the burden and constant worry of progressive memory loss and cognitive decline.

  • Avoid the challenges you and your loved ones will experience in the face of Alzheimer’s disease.

You’ll receive all the latest and greatest information on cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, as well as an honest assessment regarding whether you are a good candidate for this clinical approach.

If you are a good candidate, we will provide you with access to all of the necessary tests to determine what is causing your brain to deteriorate.

Together, we’ll devise a plan that will deal with each and every unique cause. In short, we will develop a plan for YOU based on what YOU need.

Let go of the limiting beliefs you’ve held about your brain function up until this point – defy the odds and heal!

Because you are an individual, you deserve to be treated like one.

Your health is important to us.



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The Results Speak for Themselves

“My family and I came to see Dr. Valdes with our mom a couple of months ago with just hope and faith. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years ago, and seeing her deteriorate each day was something that no family could be ready for. We heard it was possible for her to improve her condition (something other doctors made us believe was impossible), and we did not think twice about coming from Puerto Rico to start our journey.

The experience and results have been better than what we expected. We started seeing results only weeks after starting the treatment. There are only positive things to say about Dr. Ruben Valdes, and there is no doubt that they will do everything in their power to achieve full health in their patients.”

– Vilma R.