You have the ability to prevent and reverse diabetes

As I do in my recent articles, I want to talk to you about how we’re able to reverse diabetes. We’ve recently had another patient go through one of our programs for our diabetes program. Yes, they were able to reverse diabetes. As we are going to a program, he was able to get off the medications with the help of his physician, obviously, and reduce medication. He is now feeling fantastic to reverse diabetes. He was doing great, he’s very happy with the progress, and he’s able to continue that lifestyle that he was taught. So these are the types of things that we do to prevent and reverse diabetes. But today, what I really want to focus on is the one thing that you can be doing right now to prevent and reverse diabetes. Now that can be a situation where somebody doesn’t know how to reverse diabetes.

In traditional methods, most would agree that your doctor would tell you that you’ll have diabetes because of your lifestyle. They’re right! Lifestyle does have a contributing factor to diabetes. But lifestyle alone is not the only reason why people have diabetes. By eating inappropriately and gaining weight, you’re at a risk factor. But what if during that poor lifestyle, you’re causing more underlying problems contributing to your insulin resistance or diabetes? Here’s a perfect example. If somebody is eating poorly, they’re not doing the things to improve their overall health. Now, let’s say that they go in to see the doctor one day and your doctor says, “Listen, you’ve gotta make changes. You’re gaining more weight. Your blood sugars are on the rise. You’re not diabetic yet, but you’re moving towards that place.” Now, if that individual changes their diet, you would think that it can reverse diabetes.

Is your lifestyle truly the cause?

There are some people who eat healthier and they still have problems. Their blood sugars continue to rise and they continue to get sicker and sicker. Why is that? Because the lifestyle alone was not the only cause. The lifestyle created problems in the body that are still there and have not been addressed. So the next step is to get them on a pharmaceutical drug. But there’s a missing link here. Even if they are showing no signs of diabetes, they can be potentially developing problems. 

I don’t care if you’re overweight, not exercising, or have a poor lifestyle. If you change your diets, start exercising, lose weight or have a surgical repair, will it help reduce your blood sugar? Yes. Will it reverse your diabetes in most cases? No. There’s more to it than that. So what is the one thing that you should be doing immediately? You need to have comprehensive testing. If you think that comprehensive testing is going to see your doctor and have them run your blood sugars, it is not telling you what the problem is. That only shows you what the symptoms are. Now, if your goal is to only treat symptoms, then you are doing the right things. Because in a medical model, treating symptoms is what they’re really good at. Now, if you want comprehensive testing, that’s going to show us where and what the problem is.

Cars and Health

If you go to your mechanic and take your car in and they will say, “Hey, I know what your problem is, you have a clicking thing on your car, we need to fix it.” That’s option one. The second option is you take your car to a mechanic and they hook it up to a diagnostic machine. Once the diagnostic machines figure out the information, they can tell you line by line exactly what is going on. That can tell you what the underlying mechanism is. Of course, most of you would choose the second one, because that’s exactly what needs to be done. Now, I’m not just talking about when you’re sick and don’t feel good. These should be running on a yearly basis. Just because you feel good and don’t have any symptoms, it doesn’t mean that diseases are not developing. You have to take action now. 

Most people would say they get their car checked regularly. We take better care of our cars than our own health. From my perspective, when you are being analyzed regularly, is there anything developing? Are there any problems that are going on that need to be addressed now and not waiting until the problem persists? That makes things so much easier to handle. Of course, we help a lot of individuals who are already experiencing problems and already having issues. We can do that and will continue doing that. But when we have an individual come in, and he says, “Hey, Doc, I really am here because I want to make sure that I’m healthy and I want to stay healthy.” Doesn’t that sound amazing? That’s what really healthcare should be all about. We can become more confident in who we are and what we can do.

Proper Analysis and Customization

The number one thing you can do to prevent yourself from diseases is by getting properly analyzed. It’s getting the right testing and analysis. You’ll know if something is developing that needs to be done now. Then, proper customization can take place. Customization is a key factor too. Because right now, our healthcare has been a one size treat, but we’re all unique. We’re all different individuals. We all have different problems that are going on. You can’t treat the same person the same way for every single disease. There has to be customization on what type of food, how should you be eating, or do you need any supplements? Because your body is lacking in a specific area that needs support to restore function and be healthy again. You can take your health into your own hands or you can wait and be at the mercy of an emergency. 

It’s interesting to me how we do everything in our lives to prevent things. We have car insurance. But guess what does that car insurance pay for? Is that our new spark plugs, tires, or oil changes? Absolutely not. You have insurance on your home. Does your home insurance pay for a new door, new paint, or new roof? Of course, it doesn’t. Those things have to be paid out of pocket by you. So why are we expecting our health insurance, which is really “sick insurance”, to pay for everything as well? We have to take care of our health in our own hands. We cannot rely on anybody anymore. By using the proper analysis to customize what you should be doing. It doesn’t matter what level of sickness you’re at right now, you need to be analyzed at least once or twice a year. 

So here are your options…

I’m so honest today because I’m so frustrated with so many people that I speak with. They are so scared of living in fear about their health because of the misinformation they’re getting. The media is telling us all stuff that’s not true and not accurate to keep us in fear. You have the ability to be healthy. If your brain is functioning, if you have a heart that’s beating, you have blood circulating, then you can heal. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or how sick you are. You have the ability to heal once you put the right steps in place. The only difference between you and the person in the morgue is that person in the morgue does not have a life function anymore. But you do have the ability to heal and to improve. 

So you can sit back and do nothing. That’s one option. The other option is you can say “Listen, I need to find out for myself where I’m at. I don’t know where my health is at this time. What’s really truly going on here?” If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, there’s a reason. It doesn’t just happen because you get older. That’s not how health works. There’s no physiological book that proves that. No research proves that. It’s just being told, right? Being told does not necessarily mean truth. So the truth is where the pudding is. And that is what your testing results and analysis show. We have the ability to heal. But unless you have the right tools, information, and analysis, you will never heal and get better. So I hope that this information is very valuable. Like our page for more information.

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