Fact or Myth ❌ Is Diabetes Genetic?

Diabetes is a growing epidemic around the globe. Almost 10 percent of American adults have Type 2 Diabetes, and 25 percent have pre-diabetes.

Unfortunately, these numbers continue to ascend, with one-third of adults in the United States expected to have Diabetes by 2050.

There are indeed a lot of misconceptions and falsehoods surrounding Diabetes. Especially in the world of traditional medicine.

Today I’m focusing on one common myth. 

Myth ❌ Diabetes is only based on your genetics.

Time and time again, we’re told to believe we have poor genes.

If you’re told by someone you’re going to undoubtedly end up with Diabetes because it runs in your family, you probably just accept that fate.

And since you’re resigned to the fact you’ll end up with Diabetes anyways, you also will probably avoid changing bad habits, such as your diet. 

I see this far too often.

Has a family member or your doctor ever said?…


  • “Diabetes is inherited – there’s nothing you can do about it.”
  • “Exercising, modifying your diet, shedding some pounds, taking your prescriptions, and injecting yourself with insulin is all you can do.”
  • “Diabetes will be a label you carry with you for the rest of your life.”


But let me say this now - this simply isn’t true.

Research tells us that there hasn’t been a Diabetic gene discovered.

What this means is that you CAN prevent and reverse Diabetes. 

Traditional methods such as the exclusive use of medication have failed to find a solution to Type 2 Diabetes and its increasing prevalence worldwide. 

A major criticism of traditional medicine is that it often seeks to treat the symptoms of a disease rather than address the initial causes. 

Functional medicine takes a more holistic approach looking at the patient as a whole rather than only focusing on the disease.

My root-cause-focused approach to preventing and treating disease concentrates on a personalized diet and lifestyle changes and is an effective first-line strategy for managing Diabetes.

I’ve developed many webinars focused on Diabetes, its prevention, and how to reverse it. 

You can learn more about my webinars and programs and how I can help you. I’ve spent a lot of time studying Diabetes, and I’ve helped thousands of patients overcome it. 

Just remember - you are not a prisoner to your genes. 

Think about how drastically different your life would be if you:

  • Could stabilize your glucose levels without a dependency on insulin and prescription drugs.
  • Weren’t limited by a regimen of inconvenient and costly treatment regimens.
  • No longer experienced exhausting sugar spikes and crashes.
  • Had renewed energy.
  • Could lose the anxiety that accompanies the worry surrounding the potential complications of your disease.

Learn more about my upcoming webinar HERE 

Don’t accept Diabetes as a part of your future. 

You can do something about it, and you CAN break the cycle.

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