Eating Food To Heal

I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asking this question…

What foods are most beneficial in helping with Thyroid or Diabetes symptoms. 

And while it’s easy for me to come up with some food and diet recommendations for these individuals, I want to continue to explain further.

Using food to address symptoms or disease can only get you so far.

I want you to think of food as a means for the body to heal.

Food should be personal.


Your food should focus on you, not the disease. Nutrition and diet should be personalized based on your specific lifestyle, genetics, lab work, and more. 

A customized plan is needed for each person - as every person is unique in their needs.

Start with a good foundation, including:

  • Whole foods
  •  Fruits
  • Vegetables 
  • Minimally processed foods

Food is a cornerstone of functional medicine.


Functional medicine uses food as a natural means to correct balance, replete nutrient insufficiencies, mend the gut, and more.

But it’s about more than diet - a functional medicine doctor may even ask you about your stress levels, sleeping habits, and overall environment.

This is not a one-size-fits-all process like you see with traditional medicine doctors. For example, when looking at food and diet, a functional medicine doctor will work closely with you and develop a nutrition plan that serves your specific needs.

The food you eat should create an environment for healing within your body.


When you change your relationship with food and your mindset of “just eating the things that will fix your symptoms or problems” at hand and focus on food as a whole, you will finally begin to heal.

Eat to heal your body, not just subdue symptoms. 

Take charge of your health and heal your body - with food!

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