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Mild Cognitive Decline (MCI) is often brushed off as normal signs of aging.

There’s no reason that your mind needs to deteriorate as you age and symptoms of decline are a warning sign that something is not right.

MCI is usually not severe enough to trigger a person to look for treatment because it typically doesn’t overtly impact everyday life.  However, MCI should not be overlooked because it can be the beginning of a disease progression that can lead to more severe forms of cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s.

MCI is diagnosed using these guidelines:

  1. Ability to complete normal functional activities (compared to those with dementia).
  2. Cognitive complaints from the patient.
  3. Observed decline or impairments in thinking compared to earlier in life.
  4. Reporting of impairment in cognitive function from family members or close friends.
Alzheimer's Specialist California | Catch the Early Signs of Cognitive Decline and What to Do About it

What Causes MCI?

Researchers think MCI is caused by neurological changes that include factors like genetics, free radical damage, blood sugar dysregulation, nutrient deficiencies and exposure to toxins.

It should be noted that these factors are also indicated in the development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline.  Having conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, poor sleep, unhealthy lifestyle habits or other inflammatory symptoms all increase the risk of MCI and other forms of cognitive decline.

Early Signs of MCI

The key to preventing and overcoming MCI and other forms of cognitive decline is catching the early warning signs and finding a provider trained in functional medicine and brain health that can help you correct course. Don’t ignore these common symptoms of MCI:

  1. Getting lost, missing appointments and forgetting names and dates can indicate in increase in memory loss.
  2. Losing your train of thought, repeating yourself or other changes in language and speech.
  3. Changes in thinking and judgment.
  4. Increasing challenges with mental performance.
  5. More impulsive, impatient and irritable behavior.
  6. Increased symptoms of depression, anxiety, apathy or other mood changes.
Alzheimer's Specialist California | Catch the Early Signs of Cognitive Decline and What to Do About it

If you experience any of the symptoms above, be proactive.  The earlier a trained provider can help you uncover the root of your symptoms, the better chance you have of recovering from damage. Supporting an optimal brain starts with comprehensive diagnostics that assess your individual risk.  From there, we can fix what we find and help your body function at its best.

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