Ear Infection Relief

About Ear Infection

A quick primer on ear infection: generally, ear infections are caused by a buildup of fluid in the Eustachian Tubes (part of the ear canal). The adult Eustachian Tubes are steeper than that of a child due to a more mature skull shape.

When it comes to ear infections for both children and adults, physicians generally tend to recommend antibiotics, which offer temporary relief but don’t fix the root cause. When that fails, the other route is adenoid and/or tonsil removal or tubes to drain the ear externally. All of these courses of actions come with a long list of unnecessary side effects.

Unfortunately, most physicians recommend antibiotics without even attempting to identify the root cause of the infection. In fact, many medical journals strongly recommend against treating ear infections (also called Otitis Media) with antibiotics, yet it is unfortunately still the norm.

Natural Ear infection Relief Through Chiropractic Adjustment

Ear infection and the resulting ear pain is far more common in children than adults because the shallower angle of their Eustachian Tubes means proper drainage is more difficult. As they grow, and the Tubes get steeper, ear pain relief generally comes along as well. This understanding is what chiropractors have used to develop natural chiropractic adjustments for ear infection and ear pain.

Proper Eustachian Tube drainage can be stimulated by simple, gentle adjustments to the upper neck and skull. These adjustments tend to have a positive effect on immune function as well, which happens to be another cause of ear infection.