Car Accident and Whiplash Injury

Get Your Body Back to Form

It may not seem like it, but a car accident is one of the most stressful things you can experience. Mentally, physically, emotionally (not to mention the car itself), a car accident takes a massive toll on the body. That, and dealing with insurance companies places even more stress on an already overextended body.

Car accidents are a common cause of neck, mid back, and lower back pain. If not treated properly, these problems can become long term chronic conditions. It can cause long term decreased range of motion and mobility.

Let us help you get your body back to form, while also providing guidance on how best to navigate the aftermath of your accident. It doesn’t have to be complicated when you have experienced professionals by your side!

Whiplash Injury, Neck Pain, and Headaches/Migraines

When most people think of injury from a car accident, they think of whiplash. Whiplash isn’t just limited to neck pain though, it can also include headaches and migraines. When the head is suddenly and unexpectedly thrown in an unnatural way with tremendous force, damage happens. Ligaments, muscles, and neck tissue all take a beating.

The worst part of whiplash is damage may not be apparent right away. It may take days or weeks for symptoms to manifest, and in that time, the damage could have gotten much worse. Worse meaning potentially permanent damage to the neck and spine.

Rear End Car Accident Injury

Rear ended car accidents that cause whiplash are a common cause of altered biomechanics of the cervical spine . This trauma causing an individuals neck to snap backward and forward (whiplash) can stretch the ligaments of the cervical spine. This, in turn, usually leads to to the loss of curvature or the reversal of curvature of the cervical spine.

To address this in our office, we stress the importance of traction, rehabilitative exercises, and Chiropractic adjustments. We mobilize the cervical spine through a series of specific Chiropractic Adjustments. Then we focus on affecting the integrity of the ligaments through cervical  traction. With these advanced methods, we work towards inducing a normal cervical curve and restoring mobility. This makes all the difference in getting short term results and long term results. 

Back Injury & Sciatica

Whiplash isn’t the only major side effect of a car accident: oftentimes, you may experience sprains in the back muscles, ligaments, and other tissue. You may also suffer a ruptured or herniated disc and increased pressure on spinal nerves. Because these nerves spread through your body, you may also feel pain in the legs, buttocks, and other areas. Again, because symptoms take time to manifest, without seeking treatment right away, you could allow the damage to get much worse.

If you’ve been in a car accident, or are suffering from whiplash seek out a chiropractic evaluation as soon as you possibly can! You may feel fine following a car accident even if you have sustained neck damage. Symptoms can take many days or weeks to arise, by which time further damage may have occurred.  This may lead to more severe neck pain, upper back pain and possibly permanent damage to the area. As most all of the results of a car accident and whiplash affect the skeletal, spinal and muscle functions of the body, it only makes sense to consult with a trained and experienced chiropractor for the best care possible.