Symptoms Your Body Is In Desperate Need Of A Reset


When you hear the word “Inflammation”, what do you think of?

Maybe your mind thinks back to the last time you had an allergic reaction, or that pesky knee joint that always bothers you. 

These symptoms seem innocent enough on the surface… but inflammation of any kind is a serious warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Doctors spend a lot of time prescribing medications to reduce or eliminate inflammation in our bodies, but it rarely gets to the root cause for long-term relief. When we neglect to address these chronic symptoms over time our bodies enter a “fight or flight” state, which causes things to go haywire. The result of staying in this state is chronic inflammation. 

But inflammation is not ALL bad…

A blessing and a curse

Inflammation is an important part of the body’s natural healing process. It happens everywhere, from muscles and joints, to your digestive system, all the way up to our brains! When you are experiencing inflammation, it means your body is reacting (or overreacting) to a certain condition it’s been exposed to. 

When your body perceives that it has been exposed to something harmful, it releases defender white blood cells and increases blood flow to the area to cushion it. While this can feel temporarily painful because of excess chemicals from white blood cells leaking into surrounding tissue, it’s a sign your body is doing its job. When our bodies react in this way to a harmful event, this is called acute inflammation. 

But inflammation becomes problematic when your body is constantly sending the white blood cells to defend, even when there is no real danger present. This is called chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, this means healthy tissues (including organs!) are being attacked unnecessarily, causing swelling and pain.

For example, this can happen when you…

  • Consume harmful fats or foods that the body doesn’t know how to process. 
  • Consume harmful substances like smoking or drugs. 
  • Suffer an injury.

Inflammation can also be a common by-product of a number of different health conditions. As a general rule, all health conditions that end in “itis” indicate the presence of localized inflammation.



Are you struggling with inflammation?

Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar?

  • Muscle or joint pain that has lasted more than a couple of days?
  • A swollen or red area on your body?
  • Chronic flu-like symptoms that just won’t go away? 
  • Persistent skin problems you can’t get under control?

If yes, then you are in desperate need of a reset. 

If chronic inflammation is left untreated for too long in the body, irreparable damage can occur (such as the progression of cancers, autoimmune disorders, obesity, and more). The good news, however, is that the development of inflammation can be completely reversible if caught in time. 

How can you prevent chronic inflammation from developing? 

  • Avoid drinking alcohol excessively (have less than three drinks per week).
  • Minimize your consumption of any rancid or harmful fats. 
  • Control your weight to maintain a healthy BMI score for your height. 
  • Don’t smoke!
  • Eliminate or reduce as many stressors in your life as you can.

But what happens if it’s already too late? 

Healing is possible!

The longer you allow chronic inflammation to develop, the more susceptible you become to more serious health issues. 

If you know you DO have chronic inflammation, don’t worry! There are many treatment protocols available to relieve (and even eliminate!) the condition. 

  • Book an appointment at our clinic, so we can identify and treat your chronic inflammation (this will include providing dietary and/or supplement recommendations, and performing x-rays and blood tests to identify your personal biomarkers). 
  • Consider introducing a multi-mineral into your supplement routine that contains enough magnesium (300 mg) and zinc (15mg). 
  • Ensure you are consuming enough Omega fats daily (at least 3 capsules daily).
  • Add 3g of L-glutamine to your morning smoothie to promote gut healing.
  • Prioritize Vitamin C consumption (2 x 1000mg daily).

With the right help and a little dedication, anyone can heal their body from the annoying symptoms of chronic inflammation. 

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